General terms

The following terms of use apply to the worldwide use of newsletter subscription, HiPP BabyClub, competitions, all contact forms, and for the online shop at These terms of use are subject to change by the operator, the HiPP group of companies, at any time. Users will be informed of the current version of the general terms of use on the website, and will then have the right to object within two weeks following the notification of the changes in the BabyClub. In this case, all personal data of the objecting user, and all access data belonging to this user, will automatically be deleted. In addition, the operator will inform users of this right to object, and of the fortnightly deadline, in case of changes. No further entitlements, especially claims for damages of any kind, shall arise for the user. Upon registration, and on each subsequent use, the user fully accepts the current version of these general terms of use.